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PARAMETRIK is an outsource reprocessing service provider for cleaning and sterilization of flexible endoscopes and lumened instruments. With PARAMETRIK, health care providers can incorporate automated cleaning  and sterilization  of endoscopes without the significant capital spending, staff utilization and endoscope availability delays commonly associated with on-site reprocessing facilities. PARAMETRIK service options  include off-site cleaning and sterilization at a local PARAMETRIK reprocessing service center or integration into on-site health care provider (HCP) facilities.

PARAMETRIK simplifies and increases effectiveness of reprocessing for the health care provider. Your staff simply pulls a patient-ready, pre-packaged sterile endoscope for each new procedure. Then after the procedure, your staff performs bedside pre-cleaning and transport packaging preparation to send the endoscope to the local PARAMETRIK reprocessing service center. PARAMETRIK takes care of the rest!

PARAMETRIK is establishing local and near-site reprocessing centers near you. Our first location in New York City is scheduled to open in May 2018.
If we don’t have a facility scheduled near you and you need service, PARAMETRIK can quickly clean and sterilize your endoscopes and return them to you next day air. Please contact PARAMETRIK for information.

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